Practice Areas:

Personal Injury

When you have been injured, choose an advocate to protect your rights.

Papernick & Gefsky represents individuals and families in connection with the recovery of fair value on personal injury claims including negligence and strict liability claims associated with motor vehicle accidents; premises liability; wrongful death; defective products; and the delivery of health care and nursing services.

In the event of an accident or injury, you may need assistance ensuring your medical and financial needs are covered. Even the most routine accident can spawn several different claims, each handled by different claim representatives. Your own insurance company and other insurance companies may have an obligation to you but they each have obligations to mitigate their losses. Protect your rights by choosing someone to advocate for you. If you are injured, how likely are you to make prudent choices when it comes to property losses, medical expenses, and even damages for pain, suffering, inconvenience, disability and impairment of the activities of daily living?


Claims adjusters often hound injured victims with phone calls almost immediately after an accident. Their goal is to obtain fact statements and descriptions of your injuries before you have had a chance to get your composure, consult with a doctor and seek the advice of a lawyer. You may choose to cooperate because you mistakenly believe the accident was minor and unlikely to lead to any serious medical complication. However, many injuries to the spine and soft tissues that result from accident trauma manifest later, once you try to resume your normal physical activities. A certain percentage of these injuries become chronic and require regular physical therapy, chiropractic care or other pain management to enable an you to function. Insurance carriers look with skepticism on these claims because your initial communications suggested the accident was not serious and you were uninjured.


Claims adjusters are seeking to reduce payouts on claims to the lowest amount possible and they receive favorable performance reviews from their employers when they do so. Your statements to claims adjusters will be used against you to support the insurance company’s lower valuation of your claim. Simple and courteous statements over the phone such as “I am feeling much better,” can be used by insurance carriers to undermine your claim even though you suffer a significant impairment or injury relapse after attempting to resume your normal physical activity.


Protect yourself. Trust experienced legal counsel to negotiate a settlement with the insurance carrier or if necessary, to litigate your claim to seek a just result and fair compensation for your injuries. You only have one opportunity for a just recovery: select an attorney who compassionately listens to your concerns and cooperates with your health care professionals for the best outcome.